Sherstone Hotel

ADDRESS: 8/1, Gostinichniy proezd, Moscow, Russia

Follow the map direction. Find description below
! IMPORTANT: when checking in, show your reservation number to receptionist
Sherstone hotel is located in the north of Moscow, within 10 minutes walking distance from the “Petrovsko-Razumovskaya” metro station, which is on the Grey line(#9). If you are going from any railway station just take a train on the Circular (#5) line towards “Novoslobodskaya” metro station - there you can transfer to the Grey line (#9) and go to the north destination stop-“Petrovsko-Rasumovskaya” . When going from the city center, take the last car of the train. Once you arrive in “Petrovsko-Rasumovskaya” exit the train car. After exiting the metro, do not cross the square. Instead, walk about 20 meters to the right and take bus #763,282 (do not take the smaller mashrutkas, which are vans that sit about 8-12 passengers and do not have predetermined stops). Get off at the first stop and walk about 10 meters in the direction the bus was traveling. You will come upon a tunnel underpass on your right-hand side that runs beneath railroad tracks. Walk through the underpass and through a series of kiosks and shops. You will see a 5-storey red-brick building, which is the hotel. The main entrance is the third door on the right. Please take into consideration that later in the evening bus service is irregular and at night no buses run at all.