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Address: BALTIYSKYA STREET, BUIDING 10/2, 7 min walk from Sokol metro st. Our back office is on the 8-th floor; 3/2, Zelenodolskaya street, Ryazanskiy prospect meto st.

Phone: +7 (495) 915.03.80
Fax: +7 (495) 915.03.80


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How to find us

Follow the map direction:


Hostel #1 is in 7 min walk away from SOKOL metro station (North of green line). You need to exit in the middle of the platform towards Baltiyskaya street. Sokol metro station is located on Leningradskiy Prospect. Baltiyskaya street is the first turn to the right from it.
It is within the easy reach from Sheremetyevo-2international airport (SVO2). Right in front of exit, you will find the chain of bus stops, take a big bus to Rechony vokzal metro station -25 rub, or mini bus #48 - 50 rub. Then you proceed by metroalong the green line, 3 more stops.
If you arrive to Domodedovo airport (DME), upon exiting arrival sector you should pass the whole building of the airport through and exit the door which is previous to last. The very last door is leading to trains, but you do not need them. There is aparking lot just in front, you can take any bus (50 rub) or minibus (60 rub) to Domodedovskaya metro station. Then you proceed by metro to SOKOL metro station, along the green line, you need not change the line.
If you arrive to Moscow by train from St.Petersburg (Leningradskiy train st.) or Siberia (Yaroslavskiy train st.) you will find Komsomolskaya metro just close. Take a circle line (brown color) and go 3 stops to Belorusskaya, climb stairs in the middle of the platform to change for the green line and go 3 more stops to Sokol.
Save our map on your PC and print it out for you not to get lost.

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