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Visa support! 1100 rur per person
Attention! . Bathrooms and fully equipped kitchen on the floor. ( "SOKOL"metro station - green line)

To make a reservation, submit your order in BOOKING section.

We also have a nice HOMESTAY offer, unique opportunity to try Russian life stile. Bookings to be made on our site.
Type of roomPrice, RUR
** SINGLE PRIVATE with extra bed (per room) (Sokol metro st.)2500
**SINGLE PRIVATE (Sokol metro st.)2200
**Bed in SNG room (Bath&Kitch on the floor)(Sokol metro st.)750
**Bed in DBL/DBL (Bath & Kitch en suite) (Sokol metro st.)1200
**Bed in Double/Triple room (Bath&Kitch on the floor)(Sokol metro st.)700
**Bed 4-bedded Dorm (Bath&Kitch on the floor)(Sokol metro st.)650
**Bed in DBL/TRPL (Bath&Kitch en suite)(Sokol metro st.)940
**SINGLE in block (Bath&Kitch en suite)(Sokol metro st.)1700
*** DBL Private in Hotel Sherston ( Petrovsko-Razumovskaya metro st .)1400
***Single Private in Hotel Sherston (Petrovsko-Razumovskaya metro st) 2350
***4-bedded dorm in hotel Sherston (Petrovsko-Razumovskaya
HOMESTAY Single (Elektrozavodskaya metro st.)2050
HOMESTAY Double (per person) (Elektrozavodskaya metro st.)1100
HOMESTAY Triple (per person) (Elektrozavodskaya metro st.)1050
All prices are in ROUBLES (including VAT) per person for a one night stay.
*That 25% booking fee is added to the first night of accommodation in hostel 1
**Price per bed
***Price per room

Price Discounts: for groups from 10 people 1 euro off the accommodation price

Visa support service
We provide help in obtaining Russian visa for individual and group travellers at a VERY reasonable prices.
We don't charge any fee for fax. if you prefer e-mail, we forward it in jpg. attachment

Additional services
  1. Transfers (maximum pax 3)
    While filling in the order form, give us details of the transfer you need and indicate, that you allow us to withdraw corresponding amount from your credit card (in ''Additional Services and Info'' section)

    Don't rush across the airport or station, the driver will be waiting for you at the exit of arrival sector, or at the head of the train with the note board on your name.

    Type of transferPrice, RUR
    From the airports SVO I, SVO II (50 euro)1950
    To the airports SVO I, SVO II (45 euro)1755
    From the airports Domodedovo, Vnukovo (60 euro)2340
    To the airports Domodedovo, Vnukovo (50 euro)1950
    From/To any train station (30 euro)1170

  2. Tourist Visa Support (invitation letter + voucher).
    Remember that transit visa allows you to stay in any hostel(hotel) 1 day only.
    Note, that issued Visa Supports are not refundable whether utilized or not

    Tourist visa invitations* (up to one month)
    Type of invitationRUR price
    up to 3 working days1 working day guaranty!
    (Urgent Option)
    Single entry (up to 1 month)1100+200RUR
    Double entry (up to 1 month)1500
    *The price doesn't cover the registration if you don't stay in Hostel 1.

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